Luxury Series

Our 3D CNC marble wall art panels are made from the finest Greek white marble, where the Snow wall panel from the white marble from Thasos island which is the purest, whitest and expensive white marble in the world and the Fabric wall from the very famous Kavala white marble.


Snow Wall

Snow Wall composes a linear assembly of white marble panels, with one main objective, to present a state of the art design in a locally available high-luxury marble. The language transitions from a thin delicate texture into a more durable surface from inside-out, with marble surfaces precisely textured and seamed into a rich and high varied composition.
The surface was created from customized tools and bespoke machine operations (our 7-axis CNC machine)to achieve a unique texture, whist increasing efficiency in production by 60 - 80%.

Fabric Wall

Re-imagined from the classical baroque sculptural language of fabric folds, veils and skins, Fabric Wall intends to communicate an intimate understanding of solid marble. Primarily driven by the impact of new technologies now transforming the production, construction and language of natural stonework.
Fabric folds, ripples and pleats are shaped from solid marble, the feature creates a dramatic architectural surface (using our 7-axis CNC machine).

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